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Textile Industry in Pakistan sees a rise in Exports

It is time for further expansion in the Textile Sector, specifically since our government is offering subsidized gas and power price to the industry!

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Three Consecutive Years with FreightNet Pentagon Freight Systems enters the third year of a lucrative membership era with FreightNet. PFS enjoys a journey of 3 years and many more to come with FreightNet. Over these years, PFS has developed a healthy freight agent network and responded to countless quote queries. We take pride in securing a lot of business through FreightNet and hope to see continued success in years to come.
Pakistan conference on Logistics & Supply Chain Management

On 22nd November, locals in Pakistan will be getting a chance to  come together on one platform to hear expert opinion and display their exhibitions. This is an excellent opportunity to get noticed and make an impression.
Feast your eyes on the following article from business recorder:

LAHORE, 20th Nov: Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association, Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan and Publicity Channel are jointly organizing an international conference and exhibition on Logistics & Supply Chain Management at a local hotel on November 22.

The Conference Director Mehmood Tareen said here on Sunday that Logistics and Supply Chain Management companies, Ports & Shipping, Airlines, Road and Rail transports, Import & Export Companies, Freight Forwarders, Terminal Operators and experts of various relevant businesses would participate in the moot. The SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry's Vice Presi…

Managing global supply chain

When your handling a global supply chain, there are more than one thing to keep in mind. The less prominent yet one of the most important is the 'culture' of a foreign country. A decade ago, culture was not considered to have an influential impact on trade. Lessons are learnt, remedy is being done.

Feast your eyes on the following article to gain tips for:
Managing a Global Supply Chain!

By Nicole Carter | @@ncarterinc | document.write('Jun 21, 2011'); Jun 21, 2011

f you browse the international websites of Edible Arrangements, the online fruit-bouquet company, it's hard not to notice the incredible consistency in the products. A customer shopping in Turkey has almost the same options as a customer thousands of miles away in Italy or Saudi Arabia or even New York City, with little to no impact on delivery time.

So how does the company manage an international supply chain that consists of mostly perishable goods, such as fruits and chocolates?

"We try …

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Partner

What is freight forwarding to us?

Its apassion.. A passion that we carry with us over 30 years.

We do not consider ourselves a 'third-party', as many would say! As with evolving time freight forwarding has gained a vital position in a company's supply chain management (SCM) & we strongly believe the role of a freight forwarder has now become that of a business partner!
The benefit of one is the benefit of the other. Both are equally important for each other.
Our success is .. Our client's success. It is that simple!

Pentagon Freight System, Really? Why?

You must be thinking that what actually Pentagon Freight Systems (PFS) is all about? Well, we also want you to know us and know us well! Before we launch our official website, we plan to maintain social presence. We see the future of business 'social', after all. We are a Freight Forwarder that helps you move your cargo across the globe! 
Based in Pakistan, we have operations that connect all the continents, shrinking the world for you.

You may not come across many freight forwarding companies in this region which have strong social presence. We beg to differ and thus here we are, blogging about what we do!
Lets move on to what is it about us?..
Our Proficiency "Time is the scarcest resource: and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed." – Peter Drucker (1909-2005) We, at Pentagon Freight, take inspiration from management gurus like Drucker. We genuinely understand the significance of our client’s time. Our broad knowledge of documentation requirements, transporta…