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Textile Industry in Pakistan sees a rise in Exports

It is time for further expansion in the Textile Sector, specifically since our government is offering subsidized gas and power price to the industry!

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Pakistan among Top-20 improvers in Doing Business in 2020!

Pakistan is among the Top-20 improvers in Doing Business in 2020! Areas with ease of doing business (as identified by World Bank) are:
1. Starting a business
2. Dealing with construction permits
3. Getting electricity
4. Registering property
5. Paying taxes
6. Trading across borders #Pakistan#Top20#EaseOfDoingBusiness

Eid Mubarak!

Increase in Cement Exports of Pakistan !

Cement Exports in Pakistan witnessed a substantial increase!
The cement exports from the country were recorded at $271.726 million during July-June (2018-19), showing growth of 21.94 percent, according to the latest data issued by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.‬

Wishing more power to our Economy!
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