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Managing global supply chain

When your handling a global supply chain, there are more than one thing to keep in mind. The less prominent yet one of the most important is the 'culture' of a foreign country. A decade ago, culture was not considered to have an influential impact on trade. Lessons are learnt, remedy is being done. Feast your eyes on the following article to gain tips for: Managing a Global Supply Chain ! By Nicole Carter | @@ncarterinc | document.write('Jun 21, 2011'); Jun 21, 2011 I f you browse the international websites of Edible Arrangements , the online fruit-bouquet company, it's hard not to notice the incredible consistency in the products. A customer shopping in Turkey has almost the same options as a customer thousands of miles away in Italy or Saudi Arabia or even New York City , with little to no impact on delivery time. So how does the company manage an international supply chain that consists of mostly perishable goods, such as fruits and cho