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Freight Forwarding Explained

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is a process which interconnects exporters and importers of various goods across the globe. This industry is a key facilitator for international trade. Freight forwarding relies on intermodal transport to ensure that goods are delivered via the right channel and at the right time. For any commercial activity, the process for it is complex. The same is true for freight forwarding

In a highly specialized global economy, where the law of comparative advantage guides the dynamics of international political economy, freight forwarding is about making the product available to the requested buyer. The supply chain runs from the buyer to the consignee with the logistics handled by the freight forwarder.

Documentation is also very key for the process of freight forwarding to take place. Constant verification and follow up regarding the status of shipment by the freight forwarding company also helps the client stay updated. Documents like bill of lading/ airwaybill, invoices, goods description and packing list are the foundational stones on which international trade and freight forwarding take place.

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